Care from Specialists

When your Primary Care Physician (PCP) determines that you need specialized treatment, he/she will give you a recommendation to see an in-network specialist or certain other providers. A specialist is a doctor who provides health care services for a specific disease or part of the body. Specialists include but are not limited to such doctors as:

  • Oncologists (who care for patients with cancer);
  • Cardiologists (who care for patients with heart conditions); and
  • Orthopedists (who care for patients with certain bone, joint, or muscle conditions).

Do I need to see a specialist in the Blue Medicare Advantage network?

Yes. Blue KC has created an experienced network of contracted specialists. Blue Medicare Advantage specialists are listed in the “Specialty Care Physicians” section of the Provider Directory.

Y0126_20-703_ITKC - Last updated 01/30/2020